Invitation of Articles for AIMPulse 2024

Dear Sir / Madam / Colleague / Student Friend,

This is to let you know that AIMPULSE is the Annual Magazine of Assam Institute of Management being published annually since the early part of its inception. It is a platform for the AIM family in general and the student’s community in particular for expressing and sharing their novel ideas, feelings and experiences. AIMPULSE further helps in the Institute’s brand building process which ultimately helps the graduating students to get their final placements.

This year also the task of publishing AIMPULSE has already been initiated. Keeping in mind your position as an important member of the AIM family, your contribution is earnestly solicited for sharing your thoughts and feelings through this wonderful and mind provoking platform. It will also motivate the young, dynamic and energetic talents of the AIMPULSE team to work with zeal and experience the sense of accomplishment in the real professional world.

As a coordinator of the AIMPULSE Committee, I positively look forward to your innovative and inspiring articles for AIMPulse 2024.

The rules and regulations for contributions are given as below.

 Rules and Regulations for the contributor of AIMPULSE 2024

 ● Nature of articles: Original and innovative articles covering topics from the perspectives of social, economical, political, cultural, environmental, philosophical and ethical standpoint with managerial overtones which may include: (1) Stories, case studies, personal experiences, observations and qualitative analysis. (2) Industry / Corporate / Organisational Life Experience (3) Motivational quotes (4) Jokes in lighter vein (5) Poems (6) Travelogue to a distant place in India or outside (7) Pencil sketches (8) Management quiz, etc.

● Language: To be in English

● Word Limit: Maximum of 1000 words

● Screening Process: The articles will go through a screening process and due consideration will be given to the originality of the article.

● Softcopy of your article may be mailed at: or anyone of the student committee members as below;

Anindita     9101485146

Nikita         9101685324

You are earnestly requested to submit the articles by 25th March, 2024

Yours faithfully

Shazeed Ahmed

Assistant Professor

Assam Institute of Management

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