Student Activity Clubs

The marketer's club unites students for idea sharing, skill development, and practical projects. We aim to stay updated on industry trends, build networks, and gain hands-on marketing experience. Elevate our marketing knowledge, foster creativity, and prepare for success in the dynamic field of marketing.

The "Operations and Innovations Club" focus in organizing seminar, conference, workshop, exhibitions relating to innovations. It helps to develop an innovative mindset and train for entrepreneurship.

We also provide opportunities and platform for students, teachers and other members of the society.

This club bridges the gap between classroom teaching and practical application in various field of Operations - Operations Strategy, Logistics and Supply Chain Planning, Constraint Management, Inventory Management etc through Simulation Games, Case Competitions, Quizzes, Live Projects, Industry Visits and Conferences.

The Operations Club brings experienced operations professionals to campus for speaker sessions surrounding operations-related career paths, industry trends, and cutting-edge technology.

The cultural club focuses to keep the people of our aim culturally active. We help create a sense of team spirit and unity. Both our faculties and students come together to participate in the events and cheer everyone. We try to host events and activities that are fun and try to give some sort of break and relaxation from the hectic and busy college schedule.

We organize and promote activities such college events cultural programs like singing, dancing, cultural nights, talent hunt, food fest, fashion shows, traditional games, ramps, culinary delights that showcase and highlight diversity of culture within the college.

The entrepreneurship club aims to provide students a platform to pitch their unique ideas & business models with the faculty members. The club is dedicated to host guest speakers from business backgrounds to share their knowledge and experience in their respective fields. The essence of this club is to help interested students develop a business acumen.

Welcome to the vibrant world of words!

In the heart of our institution community lies a haven for literary enthusiasts - the Writers Club.

The Writers Club is dedicated to fostering a vibrant literary community. Our monthly events include dynamic writing workshops exploring various genres and styles.
We also host Open Mic Nights, providing a platform for members to showcase their creative writing, poetry, and short stories.

Constructive feedback is encouraged through Writing Critique Sessions, creating a supportive space for honing our craft.

On a yearly basis, we organize a Literary Festival, a celebration of literature and writing featuring guest authors, book signings, and engaging panel discussions.

Additionally, our Writing Competition, open to all students in the business school, spans categories such as fiction and non-fiction.